Custom Home Builder

Custom Home Builder

Our homes allow us to rest and recharge in our own private space. Unfortunately, that’s difficult to do when the house does not work for the family, needs extensive repairs, or simply isn’t the owner’s style. It’s an issue across the Greater Nashville area and beyond.

That’s where a custom home builder comes in handy. The owners choose every detail, from the floor plan to the kitchen cabinet handles. Building a custom home is a great way for an owner to get everything they dream of. We at Black Pine Construction understand the value of a home and want to help others achieve it as custom home builders.

The Challenges of Custom Home Building

It’s one thing to talk about building a custom home, and another to accomplish it. For homeowners, the planning process is enough to turn anyone away from the idea. We’re committed to guiding potential custom homeowners through the building process.

Part of why the planning process is overwhelming is all the decisions. Every finish and material used are the homeowner’s choice. That’s hundreds of decisions that all need making in a short period. We guide our custom home building clients through the process and ensure that every choice is one they will love forever.

As a custom home builder, we’re also intimately familiar with the permit process. Every custom home requires extensive permits for the structure, plumbing, electrical, and more. Without a professional custom home builder, we’ve seen people end up with a home that does not last.

We’re also familiar with the best contractors and tradesmen in the area. Often, it’s a guessing game as to whether a contractor will perform the job to code. With us, we verify every contractor’s job that goes through a custom home build as we do with our own people for quality.

Why Choose Black Pine Construction

We understand choosing a custom home builder is an enormous decision. We know the process, live in the area, and want to help our Nashville neighbors build the home of their dreams.