Home Renovation Consultation in Nashville, TN

Home Renovation Consultation in Nashville, TN

If you’ve been in your Nashville, TN home for a few years, you may be considering a home renovation. The trick is finding the right renovation company to work with. At Black Pine Construction, we offer home renovation consultations throughout the greater Nashville, TN area along with complete general contracting services.

What is Home Renovation?

Home renovation involves putting everything back in order. You may have damaged floors, missing counter tops , drywall damage or just outdated cabinets and paint colors. Fixing all of these for your Davidson County or Williamson County home counts as a renovation project. A home renovation consultation helps you determine the costs and timeline for these projects.
Remodeling, on the other hand, is removing walls or redesigning layouts and floor-plans for an updated look while adding to the functionality of a space. A remodel refers to creating something new. For example, you might create a new kitchen pantry, bathroom, or office space.
You can combine renovation and remodeling projects into one undertaking. Therefore, you may think the two terms are interchangeable. A home renovation consultation helps you get all your thoughts on your Nashville home onto a paper, even if it’s virtual. Then our experienced team can supply perspective on the cost and timelines.

Finding the Right Renovation and Remodeling Balance

When you begin brainstorming about renovating your home, it may seem like projects adding themselves to the list. After all, you’re going through the process and the discomfort anyway so you may as well take care of everything at one time. However, eventually, realism and budgets catch up.
The point of a home consultation from a general contractor in Davidson County or Williamson County is providing the perspective. During the consultation, our team will help you find the right balance between renovations that need to happen and remodels that you want for your home. We can also supply cost-effective solutions so you get as much as you can from the process.

How Black Pine Construction Does Consultations

Home renovation consultations around Nashville, TN, usually happen in two ways. We can come out to your home. This allows our team members to obtain the most complete picture of your projects and your house. We’re on-site, so we can measure, move, and check things like gas hookups as needed during your appointment.
The other social-distancing-friendly option is a virtual home renovation consultation. We use video conferencing for these appointments. Before the consultation, we ask that you take photos of the rooms you want to renovate. Then we talk with you over your computer or phone, so you can show us around.
If you decide to hire Black Pine Construction, we do our own 3D drawings. We supply our Nashville, TN, customers with additional home renovation consultations throughout the process allowing your vision to come to life.

The Black Pine Construction Difference

Black Pine Construction is a local construction company. We are a veteran/woman-owned business dedicated to quality craftsmanship.
It has been our honor to serve our Nashville, TN neighbors. We aim to continue providing outstanding service for many more years to come.