Kitchen Remodel in Nashville, TN

Kitchen Remodel in Nashville, TN

Even with a professional remodeler, a kitchen remodel can quickly get out of hand with extra expenses and unforeseen discoveries. We understand that you want to reduce the chances of that happening, especially given the money you’re spending on a kitchen remodel. You shouldn’t need to compromise on creating your dream kitchen in Nashville, TN.

A True Nashville Original

Black Pine Construction is actively committed to fulfilling our clients’ kitchen remodeling dreams on budget and on time. Once you contact Black Pine Construction, you can rest assured you will end up with a high-quality finished kitchen remodel.

Steps in the Kitchen Remodel Process

Like most construction companies, Black Pine has a process to ensure the quality of your kitchen remodel. This method guarantees the quote for your project lists the right price, you are kept apprised of all developments, and you end up with your dream kitchen.


Before beginning the process, Black Pine Construction will provide you a quote for your kitchen remodel. This process involves a walkthrough of your project, from examining what your kitchen has now to what you want your kitchen to become. Black Pine Construction is committed to safety, so you can choose remote or in-person with safety measures.
Your kitchen remodel quote will consider what you want, the labor involved, the material prices, and the local construction conditions in Nashville, TN. We do not bait-and-switch. Black Pine Construction does not underbid just so you’ll choose us.


Once you pick Black Pine Construction, you get to sit back while we handle the work. The first step in the kitchen remodel process is demolition. During this project phase, everything in your kitchen will be removed from the appliances to the cabinets.


In this stage, all the configuration changes occur. If the sink needs to move to an island, the fridge is moving across the kitchen, or the walls are coming down, specialized tradespeople will become part of your remodel.
Once that work is complete, the kitchen remodel will begin looking like your final kitchen. The rough framing and other necessities help Black Pine Construction professionals construct the kitchen of your dreams correctly the first time.


This element of the process involves putting all the final pieces into place. First comes the new cabinets. Then comes applying the final wall finishes for a connected look. From there, it’s on to the efficient appliances you always wanted. Last is the floors, with all the details.


Once all the work is complete, you will do a walkthrough with a member of the team. If anything is not to your satisfaction, Black Pine Construction will work until it’s right. After this step, all that’s left is to enjoy your remodeled kitchen.

The Black Pine Construction Difference

Black Pine Construction calls Nashville, TN home, and enjoys helping our neighbors in the city. We’re a veteran- and woman-owned local company that’s devoted to quality artisanship and individualized service. Black Pine Construction is here to serve you in all your construction needs, from custom homes to kitchen remodels.