New Construction in Brentwood, TN

New Construction in Brentwood, TN

Even if you have an existing home or business space, you may consider new construction. There are many distinct types of new construction and architectural designs to choose from. You don’t need to start from an undeveloped plot of land for a project to be new construction, and Black Pine Construction can help create your vision from scratch on your existing lot.

Custom Homes

Custom homes, likely spring to mind when you read new construction. Both of these are new construction, and you see them throughout Williamson County. We offer a variety of home building services for your consideration.
If you are contemplating building a custom house, we would love to help bring your dream to fruition. This variety of new construction begins with engineers, architects, drawings and plans. Then, we fine-tune the plans so that your vision fits your budget. After the construction period, your dream becomes a reality.

Commercial New Construction

Williamson County is growing and so are the businesses that call Wilco home. As your operations, change and evolve so will the need for more, or even possibly, less space. Your organization will benefit immensely from a custom new construction. With the right planning, your company can become a go-to destination for all of Nashville, TN. The new construction choice is a serious investment, but many find it necessary to continue their growth.

New Addition Construction

Technically, you do not need to build a whole building to have new construction in Williamson County. You can add a room to your house, and it is considered new, regardless of how old your home is. We can help you plan and build a new addition with all the relevant safety codes, which will add value to your property.

Property Additions

If you add another building to your property, that counts as new construction as well. It could be anything from a storage shed to a welding shop. This form of new construction provides valuable space without tying the modification to an existing structure, which can be an architectural nightmare. Let us help you get the most out of your Nashville, TN property.

The Demolition Route

You have seen some of the older buildings around Williamson County be demolished, and new construction replaces them. This new construction may even be part of an overall community plan. This option is not out of the question.
Demolition is an intensive process, but a necessary one. We will manage the salvage operations, if you want to go through that process, and removal if you don’t. Then we can begin building your new construction vision into a physical existence.

The Black Pine Construction Difference

Black Pine Construction has been serving our Greater Nashville neighbors and we are loving it! We’re a local, veteran-owned company to takes pride in our work and service. We promise to work with you every step of your new construction journey, how we would like people to work with us.