Self-Leveling Concrete for Sub-floor Leveling

Achieving a quick and level footing can be a challenge for any construction. Self-leveling concrete for subfloors can help you achieve this desired goal. You may have heard people call it Self-leveling cement, underlayment, or floor resurfacer. All these names refer to one synthetic product used for leveling a concrete or wood subfloor.

What is self-leveling concrete?

This is a type of cement modified to include high flow characteristics to allow fast-drying smooth surfaces. Contractors want to achieve this critical goal, especially if they’re installing interior floor cover, such as tiles. Many providers, such as ARDEX and Metalcrete, offer this type of concrete as demand for smoother floors continues to grow within the industry.

Why use Self-leveling concrete for your subfloor needs? 

It is easy to apply

Anyone can apply this form of cement because it does not require a lot of technical expertise. If you can read the instructions, you will be able to apply the concrete easily. You can also do it alone, especially if you are smoothing a small to medium-range floor size. You also don’t need many tools or equipment. A trowel, bucket, concrete, and mixing drill are enough to do the work.

You can add layers to achieve the required thickness.

Requires smaller amounts of water

The material is usually optimized for faster and easier application, requiring less water compared to regular concrete. It will most certainly dry faster than conventional underlayment materials. Faster drying allows you to complete any project within a short time saving on labor and time.

You get the results that you want.

The bottom line is to get a quality finish in the end. You can achieve the desired smoothness and level quickly. You can lay down your fittings correctly, leading to happy clients and users. Self-leveling resurfacer allows you to achieve your goal in the simplest way possible.

Resistant to microorganisms

Avoiding mold and other unwanted microorganisms in construction are everyone’s goal. One can do that by using these products because they are optimized to resist any organism’s growth. You can rest assured that you have what exactly you want.

Perfect for reinforced concrete

It is hard to achieve the desired smooth levels on reinforced concrete even after several leveling rounds. All the remaining irregularities are easy to fix using this material because they naturally flow to cover all those holes and imperfections.

Final thoughts

It is always advisable to allow a professional to assist you in these installations. Since the time taken to dry is small, you need someone who can manage time to ensure that the whole process goes smoothly without some of the concrete drying in the wrong places. Furthermore, you want that professional touch that will give you a professional outlook. At Black Pine Construction, we can help you with self-leveling concrete projects for subfloors. We also do other custom or managed construction projects. Give us a call.

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